Dog Control - renew license on-line below







Dog Control Officer: Kathleen Hagner  532-0449 or 532-2015


Yes, there is a leash law – must have direct control of dog

Yes, there is a barking ordinance

You must pick up and dispose of your dog’s waste


No dog shall run at large

          If your dog is lost or missing,  call the dog control officer

          Your dog needs a license and it needs to be renewed each year:


  • Perrysburg Local Law #2 of 2010: Any owner or harborer of a dog over 4 months of age requires a dog license


  • Apply to: Perrysburg Town Hall, 10460 Peck Hill Road, PO Box 250, Perrysburg NY 14129        Phone 532-4090


You need proof or a current rabies vaccine and proof of spaying or neutering. This proof must be submitted to the town clerk before a license can be issued or renewed. If you are moving, relinquishing the dog or the dog is deceased, complete the information box on the license form and return it to the Town Clerk's office.


Cost of a Dog License:

  • Spayed or neutered dog $4.00 local fee + $1.00 state fee = $5.00 total

  • Unspayed or un-neutered  $10.00 local fee+ $3.00 state fee= $13.00 total



You have 14 days to get a dog license or show proof of license. Failure to license your dog will result in an appearance ticket


                                           First notice: You have 14 days     

                                                  Second notice: You will receive an appearance  ticket



To renew on-line you will need your dog license # and the rabies vaccine must be up to date


Court is held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month at 6pm.

2nd Thursday: Asst. District Attorney is present
4th Thursday: Town Prosecutor is present
Telephone & Fax - 716-532-4910


Town Court Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 244,  Perrysburg, NY 14129


  • Not appropriate to have children in court rooms during court sessions

  • Cell phones and/or electronic equipment not allowed in building

  • No backpacks, bags or luggage allowed in building

  • APPROPRIATE DRESS REQUIRED: You will be asked to leave if you are wearing sunglasses, hats, shorts, revealing or vulgar t-shirts, tank tops, pajamas, swimwear, etc

  • No food or beverages are allowed in Court rooms

  • EVERYONE is required to pass through the security check at each entry and re-entry

Highway Garage

The Town Highway Garage is located at 10640 North Road, P.O. Box 300, Perrysburg 14129 

Phone  532-4010




Contact the Town Clerk's Office 


Please do not contact Village of Gowanda directly. Point of contact is the Town Clerk's Office

AFTER HOURS EMERGENCY? Call Gowanda Police at 532-2020 & they will notify Gowanda Water/Sewer Dept.


Pay your water bill conveniently on line by clicking the button below.

FREE* RABIES CLINICS for dogs, cats & ferrets

watch here for upcoming clinics

*There is no charge but donations accepted to help defray costs

Dave Heckman 
Phone #: 484-3173
TOWN HALL HOURS: Wednesday's 3:00-6:00 pm 
or call to schedule an appointment
County Assessor Hours will be held at the Perrysburg Town Hall
          Town Hall Phone # 532-4090          
Tuesdays 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. 
 Little Valley Office Phone: 938-2343

The button below will take you to the NYS STAR exemption page where you can determine eligibilty, download forms, and apply on line.  You can also learn about property tax assessments and much more.

Town of Perrysburg Code of Ethics:

Please submit your concern  in writing to the Town of Perrysburg, c/o Ethics Committee Chairman, P.O. Box 250, Perrysburg, NY 14129



 Town of Perrysburg, PO Box 250, 10460 Peck Hill Road,

Town Court, PO Box 244

Perrysburg, NY 14129

Town Court Phone & fax: 716/532-4910 Town Hall Phone & fax: 532-4090

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